Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Give from the heart

Give generously not just from your abundance but from your heart. Make giving as much a part of your everyday life as paying your bills, buying groceries, or putting gas in your car. So that when you sit down at a meal you will know that the less fortunate will also.

Do not give of your waste, your unwanted, your castoffs that you will not use, or no longer desire, but as you would a loved on in need, wanting only the best for them.

To make a sacrifice so that others may share in our blessings becomes not a sacrifice at all. If we would give up what is harmful to us anyway, such as cigarettes, alcohol, excess sweets, and give that money to those who hunger for the basics of life we would know greater joy and greater health.

Instead of overindulging our children with toys they quickly tire of, take them shopping for a new toy for a child who will have nothing and teach them to give that they may experience greater happiness that giving to others brings into our own lives.

They will learn much and appreciate more. When there is a special when shopping, for a buy one get one free, give the other to the needy, especially when it is groceries. What we waste in the garbage disposal or trash would have fed many who have nothing at all.

When you cook large amounts, give half away. There are many elderly who cannot afford to feed themselves because their health care costs are so high. They have to choose between medication and meals.

We can ask ourselves when we are buying a luxury: do we really need it or can the money be better used serve those that are in need? We are here so that we can learn to share. We are all God's children. When we open our hearts it is filled with Divine love. When we give, we also serve.