Thursday, August 25, 2016

Doing God's Work

We need to spend less time worrying about possessions and finances and more time thinking how we can serve God. To what greater purpose can we live? How can we bring joy into the lives of others? How can we help the sick, the dying, the helpless, the unloved?

How can we serve? All else is like jewelry, merely accessories to our life. We would not be undressed without it. To make a difference in the life of at least one person is important. To be loving to neighbors and family is important. To share what we have is important.

Why do we worry so about saving for a rainy day? God not only provides the rain, S/He provides for our needs also. S/He is the source of our abundance. When we seek to serve others, in His name, S/He sends what we need to accomplish the means.

What we need ask is "how can I serve you Lord?". Know that S/He has been waiting for this question and will answer. If we spend as many hours in prayer as we do in worry it would make a huge difference in the world.

If we spent less time accumulating and more time giving, the benefit to others would b immeasurable. We are a country of excesses, in our closets, in our pantries, in our waste, and our wants.

In order to be truly grateful, we must visit the homeless, the hungry, the forgotten, and then make a difference in our lives and theirs. How can we use what we know to teach others? To share our knowledge and give hope?

Give not just from your excess but from your heart. Become a channel for God to work through. The seeds we plant today are what will bear fruit in the future. What we pass on to others is a legacy that lives on and prospers and grows. It is God's work.