Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Life is full of curves

Make provisions for our future but know too it is in the hands of God. No future comes with known guarantees, but do not live in fear for when we have faith, God provides. S/He will give us the guidance that we need to find the right path.

S/He will give us the guidance that we need to find the right path. S/He will bring the people and opportunities into our life to keep going toward growth and attainment in constantly expanding and elevating paths. Life is a climb with rests along the way.

The Divine will provide the abundance to keep going. Our job is to be open when it is time to change and to believe and be confident in the purpose of the experience even if we cannot immediately see the goal.

The Divine does not lead us astray, but one step at a time along the journey we have come to realize and the purpose we have come to fulfill. We cannot see where the road leads us there are many curves and rises along the way.

What is around the bend or on the other side of the climb will not be revealed until we get there and then continue on to the next turn or assent to yet new discoveries. Life is never stagnant and neither should our thinking be.

We are here to learn, to share, to grow, to experience, and to serve. No one's journey is greater than another's, it is simply that the purpose they have chosen is different. Life would be dull indeed if we were all walking the same path, but our journey is to reach the same destination.

To be fulfilled in the glory of the Divine. To return with the knowledge and the love we have received along the way in this present existence. To make a difference that we were here. Each grain of sand, each drop of rain is necessary to complete the whole as are we. To everything and everyone there is a purpose. Serve it well.