Sunday, August 21, 2016

Live the seasons of life

Be patient. New beginnings take time and a closure before moving on. You cannot achieve both at once, for before a new window can open first a door to the past must be closed.

We tend to want everything now. But for all things, there is a season and a right time. Life is a cycle of evolving and we must grow into new adventures, new careers, new places, and new ways of thinking.

Know that there is a purpose to all things, even the waiting. It teaches us to slow down, to savor the stillness, and to find peace and a closer connection with the Divine. Life is not about constant movement, constant challenges, but to savor the gift of life itself.

To have more awareness instead of filling ourselves with busyness. Take nothing for granted. There is a natural ebb and flow to life and all things. Take time to laugh. Take time to mourn. Make time to be quiet and to go within.

Make time to pray and time to listen for the answers. For it is in peace and silence that we hear. The Divine is aware of your presence and of your needs. Take time to play. To do things just for the simple joy of it.

Take time for friends and family, for the gift of sharing is a blessing in itself. Have faith in yourself and the gift of talents Divinely bestowed that you may use them wisely and for the benefit of others. Do not waste what God has given you to use.

Take time to be of service. For what we give to others we give to God. Do not worry about financial gain for God will supply Divine abundance when we live in service to His will and for a greater good. Life is a miracle we receive each day. Be open to the experience. Live it in gratitude.