Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I'm rich in love

My life is more enriched by a friend, though he has nothing, one who loves me as a sister than one whose only thoughts are to achieve wealth and fame and whose only concern is for himself.

One enriches all they meet, the other withers in spirit in their quest for attainment. The beauty of a garden that brings joy to all who pass its way is more precious than jewels locked away in a dark safe for fear they would be taken from you.

Something cannot be taken that is freely given, beauty, love, sharing, friendship. They are gardens to the world, and we offer them freely. They are messages of hope, of renewal, of life itself.

A garden honors the earth and all it contains. It speaks of our character and attention to spirit. Like a tree whose roots are firmly planted in truth and brings nourishment to the birds, squirrels, and a haven and shelter from the sun.

So too love given increases tenfold, perpetuating itself. It doesn't just stay in the heart, but flows out, continually replenished. My most valuable treasures are the love and friendships given freely. That are there in good times and bad. That ask no profit, but make me feel wealthy indeed.

There is no amount of gold I could receive that could replace one valued person in my life. I have been truly blessed. I have the richest of gifts in my life. How grateful I am to be so loved and treasured and to be able to return it so fully, unlimited and in abundance.

I truly have been given what I value most. I need never lock it away for fear of vandals, but let in shine in Divine Light. Let me be that kind of friend in the lives of others. A gift, not of darkness, but of light. A garden of love to grow and share and to bring joy to those who pass along the way.