Monday, August 8, 2016

Change is Good

Change and a new fork in the road on our life's journey can be actively pursued instead of dreaded. All we need do is release the fear that keeps us locked into a routine that we no longer find purpose in, but continue on with because we are uncertain of the unknown.

We forget to dream, to feel enthusiasm, to be excited about our life. We have doubts that we can start anew. We measure success by monies instead of joy, and we spend our lives worrying about the things we need to acquire to feel successful and thus feel we need chase after them and worry about our ability to pay for them.

We are caught in a roller coaster world and most of us feel deprived of a true sense of accomplishment and love of our occupation. We may come to resent those who rely on us and feel locked into a no-win situation.

We think that is what life is about until for some reason we are knocked off course and begin to reevaluate life itself, and contemplate if there is a greater meaning and purpose to life.

When we realize we can have another chance to do it differently. When we release the blocks and begin to believe in ourselves and seek Divine guidance. That abundance will be provided when we need it in order to achieve what we are meant to do.

The right people will come into our lives, at the right time to help us, to guide us, to teach us, and to encourage us. We learn to tune out the naysayers who tell us it is better to be safe and secure and unhappen than to follow our dreams and inner wisdom to pursue what we truly understand is our life's work.

We can become confident that we are being led on the path that not only will better serve, but bring us greater contentment in our own life and an exuberance of joy and gratitude that we are fulfilling our true purpose is worth it. Change is good.