Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Truth in Amen

Jesus is "the amen" of the world who spoke God's truth to all men. Amen says we accept, without doubt, "the word" given. "Amen, I say unto you" and so He has, and so it is written. Put the amen of God in your life. Accept His world that He speaks to you in the small voice within, leading you on your path and to greater faith.

God speaks only amens to us, that is the truth in His word, and in our life if we follow what He has said to us, recorded in the bible and accepted in our hearts. Jesus may, at times, often have spoken in parables, but within the story was always a truth to be applied to our own life.

It has not changed today, although we say things are different. Truth is always "truth", not to be altered to fit the circumstances as we see them. Brotherhood, love, fair play, honesty, and truth apply as much today as in biblical times.

What we send out to others in thought as well as in action comes back to us. So if we had to put an "amen" to all that we did, in other words, seal it with truth, we would be more cautious in our word. It would be the cornerstone of who we are.

We would fulfill the word that we gave and not speak it frivolously. We would consider it a thing of value, to be honored and learn to take great care in our "amens".

What if all the world leaders had to live an "amen" to their words? To swear to God to uphold the truth of what they have spoken? Would we not be more inclined to world peace? Would we not be so cynical about who is guiding our country, our city, our lives?

They would not be saying one thing while they mean another if they had to say an "amen" at the end and be held accountable for their world. We've forgotten the importance of truth in this word as we say it by rote. Now say it consciously and mean what you say.