Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Sabbath

When did we demote the Sabbath from being sacred and holy and fill it with mundane chores, sports games on the TV, errands to run, and non-stop doing?

It's as if we are afraid to have one day of rest. To take time to honor ourselves and our spirit, and we wonder why we feel as if we are on a constant treadmill, unable to relax.

Take time, make time, you deserve it! Set aside a day of rejuvenation. To walk a path of harmony. To sit by the waters that refresh. To let our troubles and doubts be carried away on the wind.

To reacquaint ourselves with the miracle that is nature and the wonder of its creation. To seek and find peace for a day. It's not some far off illusion but is available wherever we are.

It's a state of mind we can enter, with practice, at will. It's free for the asking. It's a willing release of all the tensions of the previous week, as well as a preparation for the days ahead.

When we take the time of one day to just be, without filling it with endless scheduled activities and busyness, we find ourselves better able to cope with the rest of the days ahead, and look forward to the next day of peace instead of enumerating how many things need to be accomplished.

It not only takes some planning but a change of heart and mind about the necessity of doing. A day of rest is a gift to ourselves that has been decreed, by the highest authority, as necessary.

His wisdom far exceeds ours. To honor the day not only honors our spirit but the Divine as well. It recharges our batteries, gives our mind and body a rest, but allows us to be closer to what and whom are most dear to us.

To be in appreciation of what life is about. To be in touch with our inner spirit and with the world itself and be grateful.