Wednesday, August 17, 2016

God lifts us up

Listen for the still small voice that is the Divine speaking within. S/He wants to give us guidance and is joyful when we seek it for it means our heart is open to receive the Holy Spirit. It is not always easy to rely on faith when it seems everything in our life is going wrong, but what greater ally do we have to turn to than God and what greater support can we receive than Divine help, Divine answers.

What we, in our limited vision, see as chaos, despair, our world crashing, may be but lessons we have chosen to experience in this lifetime, a means to bring us back to faith, and a communication with God. Something we seem to tend to forget when all is going right with our world.

When there is nothing and no one left to hang on to God is there, waiting for us to reach out so that S/He may lift us up. When we are the voice crying out in the wilderness who else is there to listen but one with a Divine ear?

Praying is merely talking and sharing. There is no need for formality. Remember you are speaking to your Father who loves you. All parents rejoice when they hear from their children, even the Divine parent of all parents, the all-that-I-am.

We are eternally connected, we just forget that at times in our humanity. Hard times are a means of reminding us. In difficulty, we can find faith. In faith, we find renewed hope. Hope is having our prayers evaluated and answered in a way that will be for our best outcome.

We may think that means getting what we want but the Divine in His wisdom gives us what we need to achieve not only our purpose but to enhance our development in the spirit so that we may possess more than worldly goods, but a fulfillment of a greater understanding of of service, love, generosity, and gratitude.