Thursday, August 11, 2016

Relationships in Life

Relationships are important, maintaining them as well as releasing them when the time comes. We can only listen to our heart, ask for Divine guidance and try to make the right choices. We are here to experience life.

It does not always work out the way we imagine it in our youth, as we travel the path and mature, new people, new places, new adventures, and new opportunities come into our life and others go.

We must learn to release them with joy. Do your best to have made a positive difference with those you touched along the way. Everything in life is part of our personal growth and learning.

We empower ourselves with choice. More so when we ask for Divine guidance in our decisions. It allows us to feel a rightness and we know our direction is the correct one. Even when, in our fear, we do not consciously choose, that too is a choice and has an effect on its outcome.

Nothing is ever stagnant. We cannot keep something by clinging to it when it is time to move on, and in the process, we develop a greater awareness of these truths and become more conscious in our choices.

We learn to listen for the small inner voice which is truth spoken by our guardian Angels and at times by the Divine Himself giving us the wisdom to move ahead on the course of knowledge we have chosen before we even became.

There is a purpose to each life, a journey only we can make. A difference only our presence can fulfill. A knowing that we have come to find. Those who are meant to come into our live will.

Some briefly, others may linger for awhile and then move on, and some will travel the long road with us. Each has something to teach us, love to reach us and we them. Journey on.