Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Living your potential

You know you are following the right path when it reaches out with excitement and lights up your spirit. You see, you know, and you anticipate the doing. Life is a gift and a discovery. An endless process of greater learning and personal growth.

It is a fulfillment of the purpose of your whole being. Then you can truly give to others, to share in abundance because life itself is a joy. Not necessarily easy, but filled with great pleasure as you are creating and realizing the true meaning of your existence.

When we do what we most love and are attuned by using the talents that were Divinely give that spirit speaks in our work and its vibrations are felt by those, near and far, who enjoy our labors and its products for their own purpose.

We bestow that love of doing and the objects absorb the energy and carry it within them. Thus, it speaks to those we never see, and it is felt by those we never know and it touches the lives we are not even aware of.

Feel assured you make a difference in whatever small way for you are serving the Divine in what you are here to do. Your reward is an inner contentment and joy in simply living. When we are on the right path our life is like a magnet.

Bringing to us that and those which we need to proceed, to greater understanding, and continued growth in our endeavors. There is no greater blessing than doing what we love and being able to share it with others.

Every day is a present and we are the recipient. Our whole existence takes on a new meaning and we have a greater sense of gratitude and of the Divine working in our life. We live consciously. We take nothing for granted, and our desire to give back so that others may understand and purpose is truly living your potential.