Friday, August 19, 2016

Time to grow

God gives us time in life to grow, to learn, to know. To see the wonder in all things and to be in appreciation. As we grow, we learn not to run so fast, least we forget to stop and see, to admire, to be in awe.

We learn not to just expect but learn of the joy of giving to others. We learn to give to ourselves also by taking time to reflect, to go within, to be at peace, to live in the now, to have gratitude for all our blessings and to be in awareness of all we see, hear, feel, smell, and taste.

Of each beat of our heart and our ability to think. We learn to take nothing for granted and we appreciate the richness of our lives, of our ability to experience. To know we are loved is a blessing and to give love is a joy.

Our greatest wealth is unmeasurable and is never stored away. It is not depleted by sharing, but enriched by the giving. It cannot be stolen from us, but can be given freely. The old saying that "the best things in life are free" is a great truth starting with the gift of life itself, and the freedom to choose to live it in joyous abundance and gratitude.

We can give the gift of teaching by example. Of speaking always in loving kindness and being of service when and where we can. If we have a gift or talent we can enrich it by passing it on. We can be generous in our smiles. They cost nothing and brighten the lives of others we pass along the way.

We learn to treasure the small things. A hug. A drawing or not from a child. A call to keep in touch. A quiet morning outdoors. A good book. The ability to read. Laughter. Life is rich indeed and we know that for sure when we take the time to count our blessing each day. Thank you, God.