Sunday, August 14, 2016

Put yourself on the list

Sometimes we need to stay in, slow down and rest ourselves. Our human body needs to rejuvenate itself, especially when there is stress, heat, humidity, long hours, and endless errands.

We forget to put our own self on the list of things to do. To take a day and honor our spirit. To rest and relax. To be at peace. To meditate, pray, and commune with God.

Would we treat others with the abuse we pile on ourselves in the name of accomplishment, have-to's, and neglect? Not stopping to feed ourselves until our heads are throbbing. Not resting our eyes or our minds. Pushing and punishing ourselves to the limit, always trying to do one more thing.

Do we really call this living? We forget that we are a creation of God and that we should honor all S/He has made. The old saying "take time to smell the roses" is full of common sense. The bible says to give ourselves a day of rest, but we rarely heed it or the warning our own physical self speaks to us with high blood pressure, headaches, stomach pain, or many other says it sets off warning bells.

Is this the life we want to live? Is this all there is? Did the Divine create all the beauty of the world for us to be too busy to truly see it, waiting for the day when we have the time instead of honoring ourselves and taking time?

When we slow down and rest, rejuvenate, pamper, replenish our low energy, we are actually able to accomplish more, at other times, when we have a busy day it is important to take at least five minutes to walk away, go outside, and refocus, but we think we can't spare the time.

Trust that you are worth it and that few minutes is restoration, not only of body, but of spirit. It is the breath of life that gets you through and reminds you that there is more to life.