Saturday, January 31, 2015

All things are gifts

I can accomplish more with you than on my own, Dear God, which is why I ask for your help each day in all that I do for you give me the inspiration I need and the joy in what I do that carry me through all the asks at hand. You let me see each accomplishment not as a chore but a blessing.

There are many in this world who would cheerfully put their spirit into their home and maintaining it but are physically or emotionally unable to do this. So I thank you Dear God for the abilities I have instead of Grumbling at the work I have to do. And I thank you for the time I have to do it in that I can work at my own pace and take breaks as needed.

Each day I can give thanks for the work I have done and that more waits for me tomorrow giving purpose to my days. As I clean and scrub I am aware of those who are homeless and do not have a place of their own and I feel blessed that I do.

They would take joy in their own space, that some of us take for granted, so I thank you God for the housework I have and the cores that are mine. How lucky indeed I am as I load the dishwasher or the laundry I am reminded of those in the past who had to do all this work by hand without the help of all the appliances. We forget to be grateful for that which takes such a load off us physically and spares us many burdens and blesses us with time for leisure.

I am grateful to live in the age that I do and to be more conscious of those blessings. I am doing an extra careful spring cleaning in anticipation of my daughter's visit and I am reminded of many who do not have family or friends to prepare for or have an alienation in their relationships that deprive them of this pleasure of preparedness and anticipation and I know I am blessed.

I am grateful to you Oh Lord for giving me these insights today that I may take more joy in all that I do. I thank you for my health, my abundance, my shelter, the food I eat, the timesavers with which I clean, a family and friends who love me, and a greater awareness in all my life. You have changed the way I look at and see all things and not to look at them as hardships but as gifts. Thank you God!