Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Each day perfection

I think we all have our times of doubt and bad days, but when we can remember each day is a gift that will not come again it reminds us to be grateful for all the blessings from God.

Some think of rainy days as gloomy but I can see the beauty in the clouds. Some are irritated by the noise around them but I delight in the birds chatter, the haunting melody of a train whistle even though the train itself is not visible.

Some are shutting themselves indoors because of the cold, but with my mittens, warm socks, coat and sweats I can sit on my patio and feel refreshed and delight in the fine drops of rain, heaven sent.

Some shiver at the wind but I have learned to listen to the breeze and the rustle of the leaves. I have always loved to walk in the rain and to raise my face to the wet kisses sent by God or to consider them His tears for humanity because He loves us so much.

Some people wait for the right day, the right conditions, that they may go out and enjoy themselves. While they are waiting, I come outside to talk to God and praise Him for the beauty in each season, each day, whether it be filled with sunshine or rainclouds, blue skies or rainbows.

It is all God's gift. Each day is unique. We needn't wait for perfection because all that God creates is perfect in its own way. We wouldn't appreciate the sunny days if we didn't have the winter chill.

Without the snow and the rain to fill the rivers and lakes all would be arid and desolate, instead of green and fertile. The birds knows to praise God everyday and so should we.

I choose not to stay locked indoors, but spend a little time outside each day for they are beautiful in their own way. It is refreshing to take a deep breath of clear clean air that is at its best after a rain.

To hear the patter of droplets on the earth . To go out and face each day in gratitude. To remember to slow down and look around and see God's hand in all things.