Thursday, July 3, 2014

What Are Riches?

What constitutes wealth? I'm sure each of us has a different opinion. Some would think it is a large bank account, a fancy home and furnishings, a closet full of shoes and the clothes that go with them, fancy cars and endless travel, but is that really the definition of wealth?

I am rich in love, although I do not have a mate. I have beautiful children and a wealth of memories we have created and more to come. I have books and books of photographs of happy times captured on film. I have the treasure of friends who are an extended family to me.

We share yearly breakfasts, swap gifts, spiritual growth, recipes, and good times. We have helped each other cross many bridges and I know if I should call they would come.

I have a wealth of dreams and the ability to study so that I may live them. Each day I share with God Himself. I open up my spirit and receive an abundance of love and all that I need to succeed.

I am surrounded by Angels and a sense of joy and peace. I live in full awareness each and every day and see beauty in all things. God has given me a creative mind, a love of good books and an appreciation of my life.

I have many reasons to be grateful each and every day. I have more than enough that I am able to share with others. I give not just financially but of self. My grandchildren love their "Grandma Angel" and run to meet me when I visit. They act out their plays, share their thoughts and bask in the attention I can give them.

God blessed me with the ability to draw, paint and see beautiful pictures in my mind that I can bring to life on paper. He allows me to share this gift with others that it also brings them pleasure.

On cold nights my kitties snuggle up with me and they keep me young with their games and freely give their love. God blessed me with the knowledge of what true riches are and that the more we share, love and care, the richer we will be.