Thursday, July 10, 2014

Connect with God

Open your mind to all that is around you. Let go of the ego that tries to drown out the peace of the world with its worries and fears. Release and just be. Open your eyes that you may see the wonders of God's creation and be in awareness of all that is.

Open your heart that you may receive the blessings God wants to bestow and to others that you may share the abundance of love you receive. Open your ears you may hear the songs of the birds and the music of nature singing God's praises.

Do not try to drown it with the noise of the world. Open your spirit that you may become a part of the trees, sky, the flowers in bloom, of all that you see, hear, feel. Let God speak to you in the silence. Open your senses that you may taste, smell, hear, see, feel and be all that you can be more fully in God's world, of beauty and enlightenment.

All that there is He gives to you. Accept it in true awareness and joy, take time to be still and know. Take time to give thanks for the blessings of each day. Take time to speak to God from your heart. Prayer isn't just reciting words by rote. It is communicating from the heart and the spirit.

It is remembering who we truly are, if not why we came to be here at this time or in this place. Take time to ask for God's guidance in all things. For greater understanding, love, compassion and how we may better serve.

God wants to hear from us and He does answer. His gift is love, overwhelming, unconditional love. When we are in a state of harmony, of conscious awareness, we feel an expansion of all that we are. A greater appreciation and a desire to share that wonder with others.

To teach them to slow down, to remember, to open up and to expand. For when we are truly open, a part of us feels it is beyond our mortal self and can reach out to be a part of all we can see beyond, into infinity. Interconnected directly to God through the spirit.