Monday, July 7, 2014

Memories are precious gifts

The most precious gifts we have in life is not wealth or possessions, but the memories we create. When we think back upon our life certain moments always come to the forefront of our mind.

To my sons, they have brought up the times we spent searching out memorabilia on Bruce Lee, meeting Chuck Norris, and going to karate tournaments.

I remember my granddaughter Chantal's first trip to the snow that I was privileged to be a part of on New Year's Day when she was two.

I remember my and my dearest friend Marie's children digging holes to China on the beaches each time I look at the wee shovel on my deck, and the picnic lunches we brought with us.

We may not have had much in the way of money, but we were rich in friendships. I'm sure my daughter Yvette remembers her first trip to Hawaii her sister arranged as a celebration of her graduation and the time we went to see the Nutcracker Suite and mom fell asleep.

We've all had moments where we laughed together and cried together. Some holidays are special for us. Not just Christmas, but Memorial Day for all the I Madonnari's we have shared. It has become a tradition, like a family reunion.

I remember going to the Vatican show with my Angel friends, eating sandwiches in the car as Lea had packed a surprise lunch complete with mints, and the magical rainbow that appeared that day.

My life has been filled with precious moments and I am truly blessed. I will always remember the sheer joy of visiting the wineries in the pouring rain. Discovering nude statues in the midst of the endless back lawn.

The low hanging gossamer clouds swirling over the mountains like a fairytale picture. Seeing five rainbows in one day. A sign of abundant blessings for sure.

The love shown when others waited with me when my plane was delayed on my way back home. They could have gone home and not stayed but they did and I was deeply touched. I hope your memories keep your life filled with as much appreciation and sense of being loved as mine do me.

Your rainbows radiate good memories and precious times when you're feeling lonely. Times to look back on with tears and laughter. They cannot be taken from us or bought for any price as they are irreplaceable. Authentic moments in time imprinted forever in our hearts. Precious gifts of time well spent that we can replay at any time.