Monday, July 7, 2014

Celebrating Solitude

We can rejoice, even when we are alone, for the beauty in our life. For life itself. For our ability to move about, to start each day anew. Being alone does not constitute loneliness. In a way it is very liberating. You are responsible for yourself and not others. Unless, of course, if you have pets, as I do.

They are dependent on you, but not contributors, except in love, to the home itself. Alone you can walk when you want, shop when you want, dine when you want, stay up late or get up late, if you want.

No one fights over the T.V. station or the music that is played. It is a joy you have earned after you raised your family. To have time to travel, to see other places. There is not a hurry to be home at a certain hour.

All you closet space is your own and you can sleep on any side of the bed if your want or smack dab in the middle. You don't have to compromise on decorating. Your home reflects you and you alone.

The mail is all yours, as are the bills. Living alone does not mean you should shut yourself away from the world or from others. Be a part of the world. Spend time helping others in some capacity. Not just giving, but doing.

Keep in contact with friends and family. Plan outings, enjoy your life. Realize the blessings in your world and in your opportunities for solitude. Take time to learn new things. To go back to school or tutor yourself at home.

Now is the time to learn those things you always wished you could do but were too busy before. To sit in peace with that good book without being disturbed. To research on the internet. To trace your family's roots and to go back in time and places where your forebearers walking in their lifetime.

Today you can use your God given talents to create the pictures you've always wanted to take. To learn photography and to practice your skills. The chance to be on your own is like a rebirth and discovering of the real you.

To find your authentic self and celebrate her and her accomplishments. Feel the liberation and the possibilities given to you and be grateful.