Thursday, July 17, 2014

Patience leads to Revelation

Patience is a learning process. It is not rushing ahead blindly. It is taking the time to look at a situation from all angles so that we can see the larger picture. Patience is having faith that God will help us resolve things for our greatest good.

It is loving ourselves for who we are, without judgment, while we're still growing spiritually until we are all that we can be. Patience reminds us that we are all a work in progress. A never ending unfolding of greater possibilities, as we encounter new experiences, new lessons, and new people come into our lives.

Patience is taking the time to review where we want to go and grow and seeing the patterns we have created in our life. Being willing to discard those that do not work or honor our authentic self and patiently creating new ones that do.

It is not being stuck in the comfort zone of habit but a continuous spiritual soul-searching that will lead us to higher levels of awareness. Life is not just about existing, but conscious living and spiritual learning and growth.

Trust in your inner voice to guide you. Do not rely on habit but in spiritual truth. We must address our fears in order to conquer them. We must see our self-doubt and inadequacies for what they are. For until you recognize something for what it is you cannot heal it. And this takes patience.

The more we uncover, the more we discover. Each layer leads to another until we can reach the core of our being and be in truth with our divine self and understand a greater purpose to being here in this lifetime.

There is a purpose to all things in existence and the reason for all things in our life. When we awaken to this knowledge we see things in a new light. We stop blaming and accept gratitude for the growth we achieve in each new experience of living. In patience all meaning as revealed.