Friday, July 25, 2014

Life is Beautiful

Let me be a tool of yours dear God, let me be in your school. You the teacher, me the student. Let me not be restless or despair over the time given to me not filled with things to do, but realize the gift it is - time to get closer to you.

Let me count my blessings instead of concentrating on what I feel is lacking in my life. When it is filled with your love there is no lack. All that I need is provided. Let me be more aware of my surroundings. To take time to pray each day. To be quiet within and listen as your words fill my heart.

I may not have a job, but I have joy. My work is your work. What I need to learn you will put at my disposal. You will provide the teachers and the means. It is a new day and I am on a new path. Let me release the old that I may move on.

Fear is not a word associated with you. For with your guidance we become the faith - full. When we become tired you lift us up. When we become discouraged you fill our lives with new possibilities. When we feel alone you show us your love.

Through you we are renewed. Each day is a new opportunity and a new beginning. Teach us to share your love with others that they too may realize how precious they are in your eyes.

I feel the spirit within that is you filling me. Your warmth surrounds me and I am at peace. This gift of time is so precious. You have taught me how to slow down. How to savor each moment and to be grateful that I may see the beauty of your world and all that is in it.

That I may hear the birds sing praising your glory and wishing me a good day. I enjoy the fresh scents of the air, the trees, the flowers, and feel more alive than I have for years.

These are your gifts and your blessings. Praise to you Oh, Lord and give thanks for this gift of today. You have washed miracles onto the shores of my life by opening me up the the greater possibilities of life and a closer relationship my God thee. Life truly is beautiful when we learn to see.