Sunday, July 20, 2014

God creates miracles

God has worked so many miracles in my life. He is the source of my joy. Everything I do has purpose because God is guiding me, providing for me, opening the doors for me and bringing new people into my life. God is leading me to the family roots that I have been searching for, is healing wounds that were festering too long and blocking my spiritual growth.

To let go and let God is to find a whole new meaning to life. To put aside any misunderstandings in the realization that they take up too much energy, accomplish nothing except to deter our own growth, and that forgiving is a liberating way of life that frees us to concentrate on God.

I am truly blessed and have come to realize how unconditional God's love is and that we can all share in it. That we too learn to give to others unconditionally and bring joy, thus our own joyfulness expands tenfold and were able to give even more in an unending circle.

There is no greater teacher then the Holy Spirit who is in Trinity with God the Father and his Son. We are all, in spirit, part of God's family for we too are His children here to learn, to remember, to love and to share. To know that this life is not about jobs, big houses, fancy cars, cruises, clothes and things.

It is much more than that and each one of us can make a difference. When we learn to love one another and to accept one another then we can live in peace and joy. The only differences are in our minds and there is no place for judgment in God's love. We are all one family and our greatest family roots are not here on earth but in the eternity of God's love.

Our spirit remembers who we are and our true home even if we don't. Life need be neither a struggle nor hardship when we give our will to God. He supplies all our needs and more and opens us to see the miracles in all things for God is in the business of creating them. Just ask.