Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Open your spirit

We cannot know the future, cannot change the past, but we can be at peace today. We can make our own intentions today be reflections of God's love for us, for others and for the whole world. As we reflect on peace around us to send the energy of peace, like rays of light, into the universe.

When enough of us do this daily, or many times a day, as we pause, we will bring a healing wherever this energy is received. Know that God loves us all and see his spiritual presence in all people and in all things that you may treat them with the respect they deserve.

When people are angry or in fear they have forgotten they have the power of love, peace, joy and abundance within them. They are seeing things with the limitations of human vision which causes fear instead of the spiritual vision which reveals only love.

It is our choice how we look at things in life. It is only a matter of changing our minds, quieting the mental chatter and seeking the spiritual care within that allows us to see more clearly. It is opening the third eye, which is pure spirit within to a new consciousness and greater awareness, to take time for the daily pauses, especially in times of stress, doubt and anxiety, to the greater realization of life.

This moment we are feeling is but the blink of an eye in the overall picture of our life, and journey, it is a raindrop in the storm. Be in perspective, be at peace. Set your intentions, and your actions will follow. Do not limit yourself by your fears, but be open to the greater possibilities that await you when you open your spirit to receive.

We get locked in the turmoil of struggle, but when we release all things to God the outcome is always for our own higher good, and the abundance necessary to achieve all that He wants for us will manifest itself in our lives.