Monday, July 14, 2014

The essence of God

God is the essence of all the and He loves us unconditionally. We are a part of Him even here on earth. We are here to learn and grow not to be separate from Him for He is always within us. The sense of being apart is only in our mind, created by the ego.

Within our spirit the acknowledgment of a oneness with God is always present. That is why seeking a greater spirituality (which is not religious at all) brings us into closer alignment with a part of us that is divine. Small miracles become a day-to-day occurrence. An unexpected windfall of monies arrive just when we need it. We find a place we were looking for that completely fits our shopping list of wants that has just come on the market for exactly what price we felt we could afford.

When we allow ourselves to become more open and live more consciously, we learn to ask him and when we do our necessities are filled in wondrous ways, in an abundance we never expected. God is generous with His children.

When we seek we find more than we ever dared hope for and we walk each day aware of God's love in all things. God loves it when we take the time to talk to Him. When we appreciate the beauty of the world He created and all living things that come from Him.

When we seek the light which is God's presence in the world it is a transformation. Everything takes on a new clarity and we live in a state of wonder and peace, and greater attunement. We learn to truly listen, our vision is more enhanced, and our love has grown tenfold.

We want to reach out to others that, they too, may see the world and its true enlightenment. That they we share the abundance of God's love and realize their true spirituality, their divine oneness with God. It is within and without and present everywhere.