Saturday, July 12, 2014

We never walk alone

God's gift comes in the form of daily blessings, sometimes small and sometimes larger-than-life. All we need to do is be aware of them. When we look for the reasons to have gratitude in our life not only do we become more conscious but God blesses us with more blessings than ever so our gratitude is continually growing.

He also teaches us to share our abundance which increases the gratitude in the world and broadens the knowledge and awareness of God's loving abundance He wants to bestow on all His children. No one loves us more than our Heavenly Father. He is aware of all our needs.

He gives us strength in times of trouble and He wants to share our joy with us as well. When we include Him in our daily lives they are enriched 10,000 fold. The more we give the more we receive and pass it on. Like a prayer chain God's blessings grow.

In our awareness we realize we have never been alone. That He was just waiting for our call that He may let us know of His great love for us. The world takes on a whole new dimension. Everything becomes more alive to us as we become more spiritually conscious.

We become more attuned to our purpose in life and more aware of sharing the joy within with others. We want them to know the peace and serenity that can be experienced when you make God a part of your daily life. And of the abundance He provides that you may succeed in sharing His word, His love, and His mindfulness with others.

We learn to "be not afraid" for we find faith through Him and a greater purpose to all that we do. Life can be beautiful when we awaken to the light in the world which is the Holy Spirit. To the guidance He provides and that we never walk alone but with the guides and Angels He has sent to accompany us.