Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Create a Haven

Home is important. Not its size, not fancy furnishings. It doesn't have to be bigger or better. What it does need to contain is first - God's blessing and presence. A sense of peace and comfort. It needs light and warmth.

It should reflect those that dwell within. Their passions, interests, family history, beliefs and character. Pictures are mirrors of our mind, therefore should be chosen to reflect what we think and what we feel. A home should feel welcoming.

It should embrace you as you cross the threshold. Bless your home before you move in and ask God to dwell there with you. Choose colors that bring you a sense of peace and relax you. A home shouldn't feel too busy that your mind and eyes wander instead of rest.

A home is a sanctuary. When you enter you should leave the cares of the world behind. Find a space you can call your own and there place meaningful objects, candles, incense, and perhaps the good book. A sacred spot where you can go and clear you mind.

It can be anywhere and does not require much space. Fill your home with flowers and greenery that it reflects life. The kitchen often is a center of gravity when we have others over. Let it be spacious and user friendly with plenty of cabinets, counter space and a good pantry. As well as have a friendly nook where you can sit and sip tea with a friend and share stories and good times.

Have a place out of doors where you can watch the world, the birds, where you not only have beauty, but privacy. Create a garden filled with color, blooms, and aroma where you can plant and prune and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

It brings us back to earth and our roots. Gardeners are nice but save some space for your self. Let them do the heavy work and you do the joyful work. Hang some feeders that the birds may come and a fountain for a sense of peace.

A home is your world that you create from your heart. Let it speak of who you are and may only the loving cross your threshold.