Saturday, July 26, 2014

A walk with God

Thank you for this day dear God. Help me to accomplish what I need to do and be with me each step of the way, and help me to believe. Let me take time to see the beauty of the trees, the sky, the air, and to know that whatever I do and wherever I go that you too are with me there.

Let me be at peace knowing you are near and guiding me along the way, and that you are here for me to talk to today and every day. You know what is in my heart, dear Lord and you love me just as I am. You have taught me to love myself and love my life and to be the best that I can.

You have put in my hands books of wisdom to read and other means to help me to grow. You have taught me to be quiet within and when you speak, not to question, but know. You only want the best for me to share the gifts you have provided to learn new ways to serve you Lord and know it is by you that I am guided.

I do not know that what the future holds. You will reveal all things in time. My job is to have faith in you, my God, my Father, the Divine. I know there is a purpose we all are here to achieve and when we turn to you, oh God, we will follow wherever you lead.

I thank you for my morning thoughts and my work throughout the day, and when the sun sets and it turns to night in gratitude I pray. I remember each blessing you bestow on me, every great thing and everything small. But that you speak and walk with me I am grateful most of all.

My mind is no longer filled with worry but with thoughts of love and faith. I know that where I am being led, you too will be in that place. My children may be far from me, but I am never myself alone. I have you for company and where you lead me I will call home.

You have blessing me with abundance and with love I share. Not holding on, but letting go. I have learned the greater gift is to love and to care. When I go to sleep at night it is with peaceful thoughts anew and when I awaken it will be to spend another day with you.