Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What I have learned

I've been blessed because I grew up learning to appreciate, sometimes you learn that by doing without, sometimes by watching others. I've seen those that had everything that wealth could buy long for friendship and good health.

I've seen the strength my dad had that enabled him to overcome injuries and adversities, caring for his family with love and without complaint. I've learned how to be a grandma without an example to go by as I never knew my own grandparents.

I've learned that parenting is more about love and giving time and listening than it is about fancy clothes, new cars and vacations we couldn't afford.  I learned not to make promises I couldn't keep, that others know they could count on my word as my bond.

I have learned how to speak up for others long before I learned to speak up for myself. I have learned the greatest riches are those people we are blessed to have in our life. I have learned that true sisterhood can be chosen and is not a necessity of birth.

I have learned that those who truly love you will be there for you, if not in person, in their thoughts and prayers. I have learned that the most beautiful gifts come from God and are free.

I have learned that the true source of my abundance is my Heavenly Father and that He is always available to listen. I have learned the incredible richness of books, of thoughts committed to paper.

I have learned that true happiness requires nothing more than our choice of attitude and of sharing. I have learned that the greatest satisfaction is not those deeds that are acknowledged but those that only you and God may be aware of.

I have learned to treasure what is really important and to release what is not. I have learned not to hold on to grudges, past mistakes, resentments or envy and that forgiveness, even of ourselves, is the road to peace.

I have learned to take pleasure in each day and to live in a state of awareness. I have learned to really listen and to interrupt less. To hear with the spirit is more valuable than the ears. I have learned to give up judgements and to be grateful for my life.