Friday, July 18, 2014

When we ask for help

God, the Angels and the Saints we pray to assist us and intercede in our lives and make wondrous miracles happen when we turn to them. They've put my whole life on a new path.

I pray that all can know how truly enriching life can be when you visit with God in complete awareness. He has healed so many wounds I carried within, sent me the right teachers at the right time to help me whether in person or in books.

Some I've encountered through the miracle of television and some I have attended lectures with. I feel so much lighter and have a sense of peace and freedom I have never felt before. It is almost as if God has given me wings.

He has given me the wisdom to help others along the way, this too is a blessing for we learn what we teach. God continually brings new wonders into my life lately in the form of the family tree and in working in conjunction with others to search the past and to share our thoughts.

We wonder so much about the reasons behind choices. It is my desire to have some of the present generation write down their thoughts, and and what brought them to where they are so that future generations can better understand.