Friday, July 11, 2014

Follow your blueprint

Life is the blueprint you helped create before coming here even though you have forgotten the details. Your family is the genetic pool you chose to be your own even if you do not feel bonding for everyone in it. Remember to honor that others have their own blueprints and that not everything relates to you.

Your divine self is a part of your human self in this life as well as to next and each are constant connections to God through the spirit. All other things in life have a spirit too, each tree, blade of grass, insect, animal, as well as human you meet.

Hug a tree and see if you don't feel a spirit within. Treat all things with the respect their spirit deserves. When you experience déjà vu don't discount that a spirit remembers where has been in the past. When you feeling instant bonding with someone you have just met, as if you've known them before, you probably have. It's not just your imagination.

Don't take everything in life too seriously. See them for the lessons they are, learn and move on. Enjoy your life. Remember you chose to come here for a reason. It was to learn, grow and be joyful, that you can expand the spirit of self and bring that knowledge back with you.

Treat all others with dignity. See the inner spirit and not the outer clothing, whether it be a skid row bum or corporate vice president. They are on a path of learning. They have chosen this path for their journey and it has a purpose for them.

You cannot know their blueprint so do not try to judge it or them. Be loving in life. It is a part of your journey for the spirit is pure love in its true form. When you're feeling troubled look for the lesson, do not get mired in the feeling.

Once you acknowledge the lesson you feel a true spiritual release and can move beyond it as there are many more waiting in your blueprint of life.