Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Honor self and environment

You must put order into your home in order to put order into your life. People require good housekeeping. They both require that you take out the trash, sort through the debris, decide what to keep and what to discard. They both should reflect the intended you, not something you feel others will want to see.

You must be able to feel comfortable in your own home as well as in your own skin. Honor your person. Give it so much attention and love as you would to a priceless piece of furniture, not be abused but to be cherished. As with your garden, the self of you must be pruned, watered, fertilized, freed of the pesky weeds choking it.

Old growth must be removed so new growth can have space to take place. This requires loving care and personal review of who we are and where we are going and need to be growing. Be honest about the direction you want your life to take, not in fear but in joy.

Learn to love your own company and to celebrate the life you have. Until you realize the wholeness of your own being you are not ready for a commitment. For no one can complete you but you. Two halves do not make a whole for they are not made of the same material – the self.

But two wholes can celebrate a union completely. Giving all of a self in its entirety. This is not to say you must overindulge yourself, but to respect yourself, giving it what it needs to be healthy and whole both mentally and physically. Exercise and a balanced diet are part of that as well as rest and relaxation, recreation and replenishment, silence and meditation as well as introspection.

Make clear goals. If you cannot be clear where you're going how can God manifest into your life what you need to get there? Arriving is not the major goal in life. It is the journey, the growth, the knowledge we collect along the way.