Monday, July 7, 2014

Witnessing through God's eyes

Each day is a thing of beauty  and I am grateful to be a witness to the wonders God has created. To listen when He guides me as He did to my mountain retreat. I believe in manifestation for God has provided for my needs and all He asks is our faith.

It is the ego that falsely believes we are in charge. That makes us competitive, seeking success and acknowledgment. I have given up that way of life and found peace and contentment and a greater fulfillment allowing God to light the way.

To live each day to the fullest and in the greatest awareness. To see God's hand in the smallest creature and the highest mountain. In the warmth of the sun and the depth of the snow. When I get stuck in a drift God provides me with the means to extract myself with the help of others.

What I can do, I will do joyfully. God is the light that brightens my world. He has given me the gift of truly experiencing winter again. He created the elements to provide for us. When we are rich in snow we are manifesting a future water source for the dryer months.

Trees not only provide shade but shelter for many of God's creatures and food as well. All things come in their proper order and time as does each sunrise and sunset. I now need a more reliable vehicle to maneuver these roads. I know that God will provided in the abundance as well and I will leave it in His hands.

Once we give something to God, to worry and try to control affirms that we have not released it at all. To give something means it is no longer our possession. God knows what we need before we even express them but He likes to be asked.

It is an affirmation of our faith in Him, are acknowledgment of our belief in Him and that He knows what is in our best interest. For God provides more for us than we would ask for ourselves.

His hand is in the details like the windows that look out reminding me of the wonder of His creation and make me in awe. I myself cannot imagine such a view but when I walked into my home I felt I was seeing the world through God's eyes.