Monday, July 21, 2014

Be outraged and appreciate

The other day I was at the nursery when someone called there asking what they could use to kill the squirrels. Now why would people want to move to a forested to the area where wildlife abounds and want to destroy it? I find that is much of the problem in too many places and soon if we don't preserve and protect our natural resources and the wildlife, there won't be any left at all.

There is way too much building for the resources we have, but unfortunately people want to have it all and to conserve nothing. They think that there is an endless supply when there is not. The panic when bears and bobcats are seen in their neighborhoods after they destroy the natural habitats to build more and bigger houses is pathetic.

They plant lawns and gardens where pines and wildflowers used to grow and then complain when deer and rabbits come feast and want to raise tall fences and walls to protect what is "theirs". Where does it stop? Where I live fencing is mostly prohibited except maybe a small enclosure for your dog or little chicken wire around the favorite rose.

Every day I see wildlife and embrace it as part of the beautiful area in which I am privileged to live. Things so get nibbled on but I also put out feeders and water. The deer cross my driveway, the squirrels climbed the trees, chase each other on the decks and roof, chipmunks play hide and seek in the boulders out front, the birds nest wherever they like.

Hummingbirds are provided nectar as well as an abundance of flowers they share with the bees. My cats lay on the window ledges watching birds and communicating with the squirrels who come to call. As they are pets I neither let them out to hunt be hunted. My neighbors have lost a dear pet to coyotes or other predators through their own negligence. When something is not raised to fend for itself in the wild it is not equipped to do so.

We need to learn to conserve, respect, be tolerant and appreciate the wonders of nature.