Sunday, July 13, 2014

Turn to God today

Trust in God for He knows the best outcome for all situations, the path that you have chosen for your true purpose on earth, in this lifetime. When you pray there is always an answer. Seek His guidance and that of the guides He sends to you to help enlighten you and the many Angels He puts at your service.

No one is here by accident but by choice. Some choose the path of awareness, others do not. But whenever we decide to turn to God, divine guidance is given and all that we need to provide for our journey is made available to us in abundance.

The same way God brightens the sky each dawn, He lightens your burdens and enlightens your spirit so that you may see more clearly. Each day we are given a new beginning. It is never too late to seek Him out, to make His will our will. To know a greater way of living and giving and to know the true power of our existence.

For we have the spirit of God within, we only need to connect with it and with Him. Life truly can be Fuller, more enriched, less limited, more enhanced, when we walk with the Angels and talk to God.

Everything is clearer, brighter, more beautiful than ever before because we listen, see, feel, and sense things not just with our eyes, ears, nose, touch, but with the spirit within through God's love.

It gives us a greater understanding and clarity, we can release our fear for we have faith to replace it. God is constant, never wavering. He is only waiting for our acknowledgment, our seeking, our asking, and inviting Him into our lives, more fully.

To realize we can do more with Him than without Him. That there is no need to struggle when He is prepared to provide for our needs abundantly that we may serve Him more fully.