Sunday, July 27, 2014

Faith is God's Path

Sometimes God lets us struggle waiting for answers, when what He is waiting for is a sign of our faith. God knows sometimes we all have our fears. Fear of being alone. Fear we are not able to conquer the challenges life gives us. Fear of loss. Fear of commitments. Fear of something or somewhere new, of starting over.

Fear of love or loss. Fear will get us nowhere but stuck in the mire of fear. We cannot move on or celebrate life while in fear. It keeps us from appreciating the beauty around us and from being happy. How can we succeed when we are stuck in fear? We can't.

It takes faith to succeed. Faith in God. Faith in ourselves and faith in others. Faith that God will provide for our needs. Faith that all is right with the world. Gratitude leads to faith. For when we concentrate on our blessings we are too busy to worry and be in fear.

When we recognize all the wonderful things God puts in our life, each small blessing, we know that God is present in our everyday. It leads to a greater spiritual existence. Believe and you will receive. Sometimes our minds are so busy we cannot hear the messages God sends.

That is when we need to learn to quiet ourselves and go within. To stop talking long enough to listen. To be more aware. God loves it when we take time for Him. It can set the tone for our day and be our guidance along the way.

It is important to remember God loves us and wants the best for us. God can heal whatever wound we have, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. He completes us and makes us whole. When we have God in our lives we are never alone.

He provides the abundance and shows us that all things are possible. It doesn't matter where we are, God is there too. It is not "things" that will fulfill us but peace and strength of spirit. When we have faith, we have everything. We see His greatness in all things and know that He is within us, guiding us, loves us, and is providing for us. Take the leap of faith, God is there!