Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fill my life, Oh Lord

Let me seek the Lord and a closer relationship with Him for He is the road to a clearer understanding and to peace. Let me learn a greater tolerance of others and to release any judgements against them.

Let me be free of prejudice and live in a state of love. Let me understand more of the brotherhood you profess and that we are all family in your eyes, Dear Lord.

Let me be grateful for each new day to neither dwell on the past or worry over the future. Today is a gift from you. Let me see the beauty in it. Let me do your work this day. Let me acknowledge you in every way.

Help me to remember to pray for others. That those that are lost may find their way. That we may all appreciate a more intimate relationship with you. That we take time for you before anything else and set the tone of our day through prayers, meditation, and especially listening and with faith.

Faith in you has brought me where I am. To a greater sense of contentment than I have ever experienced in my life. Know that there is no security in earthly things but only in you, Dear God.

You will lead us on the right path and show us the way. You reveal to us the truths and knowledge we need to know. We cannot fill our minds with worry and faith at the same time.

Worry serves no purpose, but faith in you brings endless blessings, right living and peace not only of mind but of spirit as well. I know no want in God for He provides for "all" my needs: emotional, spiritual, financial. Both mentally and physically.

He has made me a changed person and has revealed to me a new way of living, in total faith and acceptance. I see the glory of God wherever I look. It is the breath I take, the food I eat, in the soft breeze and in the rain that falls.

Nothing exists without God and all things are possible with Him. When we put our life in His hands our whole world is changed for the better and there is no going back, only forward. God is only waiting for us to reach out that He may fill our lives with His love, His peace and endless joy.