Friday, July 4, 2014

I'm blessed in life

I have been so blessed in life with all the experiences God has given me. To grow up in a century that is free. Where you can dream and work to fulfill these dreams. I grew up in an era where women had achieved the vote and the ability to have a career they choose, as well as a marriage and children.

I grew up having faith and it has only deepened over the years. God truly has been generous in His love and abundance. My father was a good provider and though he didn't give many compliments, he was a loving parent.

My mother's insecurities gave me strength and helped form the woman I am today. God put into my path wonderful teachers who encouraged me to pursue the art that I loved. They helped me believe in myself and my abilities.

Even though many years have passed while I journeyed down another path, I have never forgotten my dreams or the hope and love they instilled in me.

I have four beautiful children and even more beautiful grandchildren. God has blessed me with miracles in my life that I could see His love in action.

He has strengthened my faith and answered my prayers. The closeness I feel with my children is a blessing as is their love and respect for me.

My friends are a gift I treasure and some are more family than friends. God has given me a second chance to pursue my dreams. To serve Him with the gifts He has given to me.

He has also blessed me with time to learn, to grow, to be more aware, and abundance to see me through, and the teachers and class to guide me on my way.

I have learned to listen to God and not naysayers. It is His work and the path He has given me that counts. I have learned now to be quiet and listen and to have a greater sense of gratitude.

God has given me the teachers I needed to enlighten my past, to release any negativity, to realize the power of forgiveness, and the joy of living an authentic life centered in spirituality and love. Thank you God for all I have learned on my path and grant me continued growth.