Saturday, July 19, 2014

Give it to God

Instead of living in a state of worry "give it to God" who will show us the way. If we are having difficulties with any relationships "give it to God" and ask His guidance in healing it. Do not see fault but forgiveness. Do not harbor resentments but instead seek resolution and peace.

If a job is becoming a burden and you are struggling, ask God if it serves your purpose and if you belong there or if it is now time to move on and to seek a new path. God hears you and will answer, sometimes quicker than anticipated. God hears all we ask of Him.

It is our need to let go of the fear so that He show us the way. Fear blocks progress and change and sometimes keeps us in situations we have long outgrown. If you desire something, like a home of your own, ask God. Tell him your needs and then "give it to God".

He fills our needs but we must remember to be specific when we ask. Envision what it is you desire in its entirety instead of being vague. God works with us not against us and will provide for us abundantly. Ask God too how you can serve, to give back so that others too may learn of His love.

Teach others even as you learn. Pass on the lessons God gives you. Live as an example of His love in action. Faith is the greatest gift we receive. To know that God is with us each step of the way showering us with His blessings and His great wisdom.

Share with Him your joys as well as your sorrows. Make Him a part of your every day including Him in all you do, think, and feel. Start your day with God and ask Him to accompany you each step of the way. It is much more fulfilling when we walk each step in His grace giving Him our gratitude, asking for His blessings and sharing all that we have.

See God in those that you encounter along the way for we are all His children, even those who have temporarily lost their way. Celebrate life for the gift it is and "give it to God" that He celebrates with you today and always.