Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Teach what is important

I am so grateful for family. For my children and the bond that we continuously work on. For the encouragement we give to one another. For the love we share and our faith in God to see us through all things.

We take the time to reach out and to stay in touch. To say "I love you" instead of just thinking it. To express ourselves without worry that we will be put down. Miles may separate us, but it cannot weaken the closeness we feel.

I have always tried to encourage them, to teach them to believe in themselves and to praise their accomplishments. I have strived to teach them not to limit themselves by fear but to reach out in faith. There are many times I have prayed for them and still do.

Like all parents I want the best for my children but I have also taught them that life is not about "things" but who we truly are. That it is important to be aware of their surroundings and of the beauty in the world. To grateful for their blessings and to share not only what they have with others but their time as well.

The gift of time is one of the most precious things we can give another. Life is not meant to be rushed through but savored. Work we love is more important than a well paying job we hate. God will provide when we are doing from the heart.

Believe in yourself and what you can accomplish. And take time to smell the flowers and to plant seeds as well. Life should be balanced with time taken to pray and talk to God the number one priority. Time to work and time to play.

Time to be serious and time to laugh. Time to sit quietly and listen and time to speak. We should live with our whole heart and give from the spirit. Each day has blessings, look for them instead of concentrating on what can or does go wrong.

It makes us more aware of the goodness and abundance of God in our everyday. Take time for the small things that remind others how much we care. The note, the call, the words. What we hold back we may come to regret. What we give in love lives on in our memories.