Friday, July 8, 2016

Call on Angels

Sometimes we need the help of many angels to get us through the day. We feel at low tide or frantic and help is on the way. We need one just to lift us up, another to bring a sense of peace. One to guard the threshold of our mind, and one to keep us centered.

Some to keep the chaos at bay and some make us smile, and a found feather or two to remind us of their presence. They bring tranquility and order with them. They guard our home and car when we are away as well as when we are there.

They keep us safe on our journey. They locate lost items. Save a parking space. Give us inspiration and guidance. They remind us we are never alone and always loved. Some have specialties and some do not.

They are always full of grace and remind us to seek the best of ourselves. They comfort us in our sadness and help celebrate our joys. Their wish is for us to call on them and to answer and aid. Never to intervene unsolicited unless it is a life-threatening situation and it is not our time.

They can take human form. They can be seen and unseen. Sometimes they are that little quiet inner voice. Always you know it is an angel guiding you when you feel at peace with the answer. There is never confusion or uncertainty with angel advice for it comes with pure love and it originates from the Divine.

Do not feel guilty when asking for extra help for their legions are many and to assist, teach, and love is their purpose. Their wisdom is uncluttered by human worry and their source is all-knowing, all-powerful, and everywhere.

And we may also direct our request directly to Him, or send an angel message. It is the same. For we are all part of all-that-I-am and the universe. Sometimes we just forget and need to be reminded. An angel will do that too.