Friday, July 15, 2016

Go in peace

To be spiritually empowered is to seek truthfulness within ourselves. For only when we seek the truth can we grow. All else is living with blinders. To go within to our own truth is itself a spiritual journey from which we emerge wiser, stronger, with greater faith and insight.

It is a journey without end for we are constantly evolving. It is in itself, when we seek it, Divine guidance. It peels away the onion skin from our eyes and awakens us to experience life in a new awareness, and what a beautiful treasure life then becomes.

We can wonder how we managed to live so long in the shadows, without vision. Divine love is unconditional. We are the ones who struggle, feeling unworthy, thinking and living limited lives. God's truth is in His abundance.

He wishes to share all things with us, and in silent seeking all things will be revealed, and the truth will set you free. Listen with discernment for truth is always spoken lovingly from the heart. It is never harsh or judgmental.

Love yourself for you are a child of God. Respect yourself for you were created in His image. Live with purpose for you are on life's journey only you can fulfill. Live as an example that others may learn from you.

How we behave speaks more Divine truth than what we say. Let God's love shine through. Seek peacefulness and simplicity in your life and you will find it.

Give back to others that you may share your blessings and that they may realize theirs. Always wish others to "go in peace" that you may harbor no resentments. That is the truth of Divine love.