Friday, July 1, 2016

Good Morning World

I am up way before the day. My mind has been a factory of churning ideas all night but I feel rested none the less. They sky is clear except for a group of clouds hanging over the mountains out back.

A golden glow peeks through the trees of the mountain out front and could almost be mistaken for a bright porch light except for the glow that back-lights the trees on the horizon and you know it's Mr. Moon sinking to bring night to other areas of the world as Mr. Sun arises to the day.

A large steller Jay comes to sit on the pinnacle of the neighbor's roof and the squirrels begin to arrive for breakfast. The sound of the quail on the hill across the road comes drifting in the windows before their appearance, as the run, sliding down my hill after crossing the street in twos and threes.

The birds arrive in groups and varieties of color and song to welcome the new day. Good morning world, you're up and so are we, ready for another wonderful day in God's country.