Thursday, July 28, 2016

Blessed are the senses

Blessed are the senses which are gifts of the Divine. Grateful are those who don't take them for granted. To see the dawn, a rainbow or a butterfly take wing are gifts of wondrous beauty and bring joy to the spirit and make us pause for a moment or more.

The sight of a storm, or a tornado's funnel, the earth being uprooted makes us in awe of the Divine power of the elements. The sound of silence speaks its own language. The sound of music is listening to the act of creation

The sound of the winds, the bird's cries in untold varieties, the crashing of the surf are nature's symphonies and can awaken us to the world better than the sound of the alarm in the morning.

The aroma of coffee perking can start our day. The scent of a lavender bath steaming can relax us before we ever enter the water. The scent of flowers in bloom, remind us it is spring and the scent of a spring rain refreshes us.

When we smell good food cooking we start salivating before we've taken our first bite. We can wear scents that become associated with who we are.

The taste of an ice cream on a hot summer day or a cooling air or even iced water can revive our senses. We can prefer the bitter or sweet, the spicy or bland. Our taste is as individual as are we.

To feel the sand beneath your feet is sole soothing and soul soothing. A massage relaxing. Touch can be intimate or friendly. It can jar us awake or frighten us. Silk caresses, wool is warm. The sun can burn and the wind chap.

The Divine in His infinite wisdom gave us the blessing to know life in so many different and at times unconscious ways that we take them for granted. Today try to be aware of the gifts of the senses. Open yourself to experience the wonders and gifts that they are. Be in tune to life.