Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Just be yourself

Be yourself. How many times have we heard that and never really given conscious thought to whether we were truly being authentic in our daily lives, our interactions with others, our in our choices?

Did we truly select our vocation or were we trying to fulfill the expectations of others? Sometimes we put our own dreams aside as unrealistic because that is what others have told us. So we try to remold ourselves into someone we are not.

And we live with this stranger who is not really ourself. Then we wonder why we feel a failure in life when we cannot conform to a mold we were never meant to fit into. It was not our path to take, but we didn't understand it at the time.

Eventually, we start popping out at the seams and wonder why our life has gone awry. To be at peace we need to be in balance, to embrace our authenticity. We cannot fulfill someone else's purpose for we came here to fulfill our own and only we can do it!

We have the power to change by listening to our instincts, to the compass that is our inner voice. In order for our life to be different, we must choose to allow ourselves to acknowledge that we are different, unique, with a journey in life that is only ours to make.

No one can do it for us and we cannot reshape ourselves to fulfill another's aspiration. We must choose our own direction, make our own choices, decide our possibilities individually, do our own soul searching and accept our own authenticity.

I am the only me there is. No one else on earth can be the me I was created to be. The choices I make are my own. Others may travel with me but I choose my own path. My purpose is to make a difference by being who I was created to be and accomplishing what I came here to do and no one else can do it for me.