Thursday, July 21, 2016

Not circumstances but choice

Circumstances are just the experiences of our life. The life we create is our own choice. Therefore the circumstances we work through are the choices we have made as part of the lessons in this lifetime. Take a closer look at them.

If they keep repeating themselves, what are you not learning? Nothing is beyond our control. When we choose to rethink our choices and how we react to them, how we participate in them, we can move through them and on to something else.

Change the pattern and you change the picture. Reach for the something more that you have denied yourself. The possibilities that you told yourself you can't accomplish, are unworthy of, don't have time for, can't afford.

If we don't reach we are disempowering ourselves. It is not circumstances. It is choice. Be truthful with yourself. Be willing to do a spiritual examination of self. Bring up the pain and old wounds that you may heal them and move on.

We have to look at the hurt to heal. Hiding in victimhood of circumstances gets us nowhere but where we already are. Do not diminish yourself. You are part of the Divine, and He is waiting for us to ask "is that where I am meant to be? Help!".

Seek guidance. When we ask, we receive. When we ask, He answers. The someone we have been waiting to rescue us is ourself. We just weren't looking in the right place. Start living with purpose, not circumstance.

Start giving yourself love, not regrets. When we accept responsibility we gain empowerment. Don't wait for someone else to inspire you, inspire yourself. You have the power to do it. It is a matter of choice. All the possibilities already exist. Decide to accept the gift of honoring the fact that you deserve more than you yourself have allowed.