Friday, July 29, 2016

Time to enlighten

God brings us the information we need not only when we need it but when we are ready for it. He prepares us not only through events but random bits of wisdom, songs, programs and books that He puts into our lives, which is not really random at all, but just seems so.

It is synchronicity in action. Words touch our heart as well as our spirit. The right people come to teach us at the right time in a myriad of ways. If we seek, if we ask, we will find what is necessary to our continued growth.

Thus, to our spiritual advancement. it is the purpose we are here for. To learn and to grow. But we must ask, we must seek. This is a journey, a quest, and we are the explorers of our soul. We do not seek a new world, but a new way, an enlightenment, increased faith, a conquering of fear, an understanding of purpose, a connection with the Divine that exists within us.

What we experience the Divine also experience through us, and with us. Together we seek perfection of the self. At present, there is a plethora of spiritual energy, of Angels among us, of light in the darkness.

The Divine wants us to be loving to ourselves as well as others. Judgment is not ours to pass, but to release to His greater wisdom. Do not even judge yourself as unworthy, but instead, seek to be humble for therein lies peace.

Peace, in itself, is a miracle in times of turmoil. What greater gift can we receive in this life? Follow the graces which are gifts. Be in gratitude for the senses we have been blessed with that makes even a simple life rich with the pleasure of Divine creation.

We are never alone for when we reach out we are always answered and angels walk with us as well as spirit guides and best of all, the Divin is within us and when we reach out to others we are doing His work.