Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I've been awakened

All my life I have been waiting for that magical someone who would come and awaken me. That would show me what life could be. That could change my world. And I have finally found her, she is me!

When I was given this gift of time it was the self of me who started this inner journey, this discovery, this enlightenment, this seeking. It was my spirit that needed to grow and expand and find a greater self-knowledge.

As awareness grew I embraced it with a hunger that has been trapped inside waiting for this opportunity. To realize the journey must begin within before the change can transpire without.

I have analyzed each fear I have been hoarding and using as a block to my personal growth. I have examined the whys of who I am and excavated my dreams and desires of who I am in the process of becoming.

I have worked on releasing what is no longer desirable to hold on to. Asked for Divine guidance and received it. I have honored the spirit of my authenticity. I have learned worth and acceptance can only come from the self.

I have cried for the lonely misunderstood child I was who did not know how to ask for what she needed, and I have learned to celebrate the accomplishments she has grown into as well as the talents that were a Divine gift.

I have learned to share my growing wisdom and to be in truth with myself. I have experiences a greater synchronicity and to trust in my intuition. I have learned to seek peace and a quietness within so I may better hear.

I have learned to listen to the quiet little voice within, which is alternately my guardian angel and the Divine speaking. I haven't all the answers yet, for the journey is far from over. I am not an accomplishment, but a process, and life is good, and God blesses us with abundance.