Monday, July 18, 2016

Share all the times

Even grief shared is love. To come together in illness and loss, to embrace in the not-so-good-times, and to be there for each other. If we only allow those who love us to see the best of times, to put on a happy face when that is not the truth, is to deny those who care the bond of complete love that encompasses all life has to offer, and to grow through it.

Sharing is being open even to our pain and being grateful for the comfort of love to fill us. Sorrow and sickness are special times of grace, that we may reach out and give. To be present and accounted for. To share our strength and our love.

It is a sign of devotion and one shouldn't be ashamed for others to share it with us. Love given no matter the circumstances is still a gift. Do not deny yourself or others. Welcome the gift of the presence of others.

God reminds us that when two or more of us are gathered in His name many blessings are bestowed, and so they are. When you cannot grieve properly, or share that bond of grieving you feel denied closure, comfort, love.

We are but visitors here, our home is elsewhere. At times, we forget this in the everyday. Illness and loss are the reminders to be grateful each day not only for what we receive, but also for what didn't visit us this day.

It brings a new awareness to what is precious in life. The sun seems warmer, the sky bluer, flowers and colors more vivid. The air fresher, cleaner. The wind is a caress. Angels walk with us each day. Through good times, bad times, at all times. Be an angel for those you love, whatever the circumstances. That's why we're here.