Sunday, July 17, 2016

Make Today Count

It's time to wash away our sorrow and our fear and start living, consciously living. Choosing a better way, every day. Making it a priority of choice to celebrate life.

Bless the new day when it begins and finish it with gratitude when it ends, and in between make each moment count. This is the only today you have. Rejoice in the gift of this new day.

Bring yourself flowers. Treat yourself with kindness. Send cards to friends to remind them they are not forgotten, but loved. Share your spirit with others. Meditate a few moments each morning and evening to open your spirit to receive all the blessings of the Divine and seek His guidance for today.

Help me be wiser, more at peace. Give me patience not only with others but especially with myself. Let me not neglect to notice all the beauty in the world around me, and to be thankful after.

Life is not only a journey but a treasure and a gift. Do not be unconscious to its presence by living in a hurry, worry world. We can actually choose, each Day!

If we ask we will receive greater awareness. Comfort. Peace. And unconditional love. It's a state of mind, not a condition or a place. When we change, our circumstances change. It's a natural phenomenon.

Like a chemical reaction of spirit. We are in control of our lives. Take charge. It's your Divine right to be in a state of grace. It's not what you have, but how you live that counts.

Be of service when you can. The joy of giving is a blessing that comes back to you in many ways. Like a boomerang, it always returns. Let your spirit fill the day. It will bring you more to be grateful for.