Saturday, July 9, 2016

Share your knowledge

Learning is an ongoing process through life. It stimulates us and keeps our minds active. We are never too old to learn something new. Knowledge is the key to life. It is what we can here to glean. When we learn we are gaining knowledge.

To seek is to be in uncharted waters leading us in new directions to new destinations. When we let God steer we know we are on course. At times the waters may be rough for life is not all smooth sailing and it is how we learn to handle the difficulties that develops our character.

How we handle adversity speaks volumes. Do we seek Divine guidance? Do we remember to be grateful for small blessings even in hard times? Do we remember to share with others less fortunate? It is not just in times of prosperity we need share our blessings but at all times.

For it is in giving that we receive. But do not give simply to get but for the joy of it. For thus we are doing God's work. And it is in giving that we learn to recognize the Divine in all others. And when we open up our hearts we find the gift knowledge others share with us.

For we are all teachers and all students. We do not know that the lowliest man was not once a professor or a carpenter. Treat others with dignity no matter their station in life. We all have God-given talents.

Take time to teach that we may pass on what we have learned and someone may benefit from our knowing. Especially the children that we may inspire them and give them purpose and enthusiasm to learn and succeed. For to help a child is to invest in their future and in ours as well.